Wrapper’s Delight

It’s all about the wrapping paper for your presents

It is enough to scramble for last-minute presents. The last thing you want to do on Christmas Eve is to search…
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How to make Modern Sugar Plums

Christmas holiday history
Sugar Plums have gone down in holiday history with the poem “The Night Before Christmas” where they tend to dance in children’s heads. There really were sugar…
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Great Host / Hostess Gifts

For the Holidays

You are invited to a big holiday party and want to take a gift to your host or hostess, but what should you choose to bring? Sure,…
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Homemade Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars are a Christmas tradition in many homes
They are usually a beautifully decorated page with paper doors made with a perforation that are opened every day in December…
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How to Clean & Prepare Your Refrigerator for the Holiday Season

So, bold up and dig in
If you are like most people you are going to find something unexpected and potentially even scary lurking in the dark corner of your…
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How to Brine a Turkey

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Brining a turkey makes the meat moist and succulent.
It is a great deal of trouble to brine a turkey. You have to have a container large enough to…
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Front Door Wreath Ideas

How to Make Your Front Door Wreath!
Start your Christmas decorating with your own front door wreath, and maybe a second or third wreath to add inside somewhere! Here are…
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Outdoor Christmas Lights

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights, and the Newest Styles
It’s time to deck out your home’s exterior with holiday lights, but before you do, we have tips to first…
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10 To Do’s Each Week to Christmas

Cindy and Eric’s Countdown to the Holidays!
We are always looking for ways to get more done to the spaces you call home, without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. With the…
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Home Wizards – Holiday Planners

We’ve created planners to help you through the holidays!
Put these pages into a ringed binder for safe keeping and better organization. Much more information coming very shortly…

To Make A…
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