You don’t have to be in Hawaii to feel like you’re in Hawaii

If Hawaii or some other tropical destination is your dream vacation, why not bring the vacation to you, in the form of exotic plants that take you to another place?  It’s easy to do and can be gorgeous and fragrant. Plus, you don’t have to live in a humid environment to re-create this staycation in the islands vibe.  Essentially you need to think of a few things to make this look happen.  You need to do a little research about what plants do best in your area. If your climate is hot and dry you can still create this feel, but with plants that won’t triple your water bill.  And plants for the tropical look don’t have to be intolerant of frost, many will stand up to freezing temperatures like hardy fiber banana and hardy hibiscus.   Next rule, you need dense lush planting.  Create a wall around the garden and link of vertical layers so you are surrounded by plants.  Finally, you need hot bright colors that scream exotic and far far away.  Think of colors not just in the flowers but gorgeous variegated foliage and use those colors in your hardscape and décor.

Click here for a complete gallery of tropical plants!

Hawaiian Tropics

Hawaiian Tropics

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