Need a bandage? Need 20 bandage boxes?

When you need a bandage for a scraped kneed or simply have to get to daily makeup and medicines, it’s always nice to place your hands on what you need the first time. But the medicine cabinet is one of the first places in your house to get messy, often with outdated or duplicate stuff.

Try some of these tips for decluttering and then reorganizing your medicine cabinet:

  • First, empty the cabinet out onto your floor or counter. And have a garbage bag ready!
  • Let’s start with those bandages. Sure, they come in plenty of sizes, shapes and even characters. But do you need separate boxes for all of them? Combine as many as you’re comfortable throwing together – by size, shape, kids vs. adults, or all in a single box. And throw out the extra boxes.
  • Vitamins and medicines go bad, so get rid of the expired ones. Add water to old prescription medicine bottles and close the bottles back tightly before throwing expired drugs away if you’re concerned about safety. It’s more eco-friendly than disposing of them in your toilet.
  • Once you’ve sorted the medicine cabinet and bathroom drawer items, try some new ways to keep them organized.
  • Mount mini-magnetic strip bulletin boards with two-sided tape in the cabinet to hold your working tweezers, scissors or nail clippers. Or put up galvanized steel and use hooks and clear magnetic cups.
  • The clear cups can corral all kinds of tiny items like bobby pins or hair ties. You can quickly grab them off the wall or shelf and put your items back inside.
  • Narrow plastic risers can give you more room for short stackables in the cabinet. And drawer dividers are a great addition for holding makeup brushes and plenty of other bathroom drawer items.
  • What about the dark, empty space under the sink? Try a lazy Susan so you can reach plenty of the taller personal care or cleaning items instead of guessing while on your hands and knees.

Finally, when you buy back-up deodorants, lotions or vitamins, keep them in a plastic container, shoebox or on a lazy Susan at the back of the lower cabinet or in a nearby linen closet. Simply replace the old item in your medicine cabinet when it runs out and add another back-up to your shopping list.

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