Yes the look and sound of trickling water is peaceful and gorgeous

But when you add the color, the texture and symmetry of water plants it takes that water feature to an entirely new level!  Pond plants come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures – from those that are submerged, to those that float, and stay on top of the surface like hyacinth and water lettuce to those that are lily like!  I personally love my night blooming water lily that is fragrant and smells like jasmine while it blooms from dusk to dawn!  Don’t forget to add some height with horsetail, reed, and cat tail! The plants that grow along the shallow to mid water depths of the pond.   And then there are the tropical and exotic cannas. All of these play an important role not only creating shade and shelter for fish you may have in your pond, but they provide an eco system  and  reduce maintenance by creating crystal clear water conditions! If you don’t have a pond you can still have fun with pond or aquatic plants with a whisky barrel

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

Pond Plants

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