You won’t believe these clever, hidden passages!

It’s not just a thing for mysterious manors or old mystery and horror movies! Installing a hidden passage in the home isn’t as crazy as you’d think–essentially, it’s just a door that has the appearance of something else. Hidden doors add a lot of “wow” factor to a house, and make even the mundane, everyday activities a lot of fun! Check out these beyond-belief hidden passageways that you can install in your home!

The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe

Here’s a brilliant secret for a child’s room: open an armoire placed alongside a wall, and enter through its back to a hidden nook for play! It might not be Narnia, but we’re tickled by this whimsical hidden passage.

The Bookcase

This is the classic idea, and one that you’ll find in movies: using a bookcase as a door to a hidden study or office. This could also be a great door for a home library!

Through the Mirror

Imagine a wall mirror in the bathroom that, by sheer surprise, opens up to the master bedroom. Or perhaps it conceals a vault or place for safe keeping!

False Stone Wall

Lovers of exposed brick or stone walls will love the idea of a stone wall that opens as a door. Perfect for the side or back of the house as an entryway, or for a stylish but unassuming accent wall inside.

The Secret in the Wine Rack

Like a bookcase, a wine rack can serve as a door into the unknown–perhaps, in your home, it might lead to the lounge or home bar.

Through the Fire

You don’t need to be in the world of Harry Potter to travel to another place through a fireplace! Imagine a back wall of the fireplace that slides open to–you guessed it–beckon you into a hidden room.

Under the Island

Here’s a clever solution for kitchen storage: hollowing out an island and adding a hatch into the cellar below. You can pull your island open and step down inside! 

Just a Plain Wall

A great hidden passageway is one that’s as unobtrusive as possible–in this case, a plain, simple wall with no extra embellishments or furnishings. Who would guess it?