Simple crafts to truly be thankful for!

We’re opening our doors to the season of celebration—that time of the year where friends and family sit down together to really count their blessings and be thankful for what they have. If you’re already planning your Thanksgiving celebration, you might be stressing about what to put on the table—and we’re not talking about food, but centerpieces! If you need a little bit of tabletop inspiration, look no further than our crafty DIY centerpiece ideas below!

Use a Terrarium

Take any old fishbowl and add some moss at the bottom. Then take seasonal effects–mini pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, what have you–and arrange them however you’d like.

Succulent Vase

For a wonderfully natural centerpiece, make a vase out of a pumpkin and place some succulents inside. Just hollow out a pumpkin and stick a succulent planter in–you’re done!

Go for a Gilded Look

Yes, another pumpkin centerpiece–but one that really shimmers! With a Styrofoam pumpkin, glitter and a tea light, you can create a magical autumn candle. Make a set of varying sizes for a beautiful display!

Berry Beautiful

Take a snifter glass (or a few!) and fill it with berries. Top it with a cluster of flowers. Red berries with cream or yellow flowers will really pop!

Go Edible

This Thanksgiving, you really want to impress your guests–here’s how! Whip up a big bowl of homemade cranberry sauce. Set it out on the table with floating tea lights–an edible arrangement!

A Bountiful Harvest

Take a large, wide candle. Make sure it’s in a glass holder, then stand colored corn cobs to surround its circumference. Wrap twine around your new centerpiece tightly to keep it all together.

Keep it Simple

This one is similar to the terrarium idea, with a cool, humble simplicity. Take a wooden bowl and place a pumpkin inside–go with a white pumpkin for a touch of the unexpected. Don’t put the pumpkin in the center; to the side is best. Place a bed of wooden balls in the remaining space, then top with a berry garland.

Get Corny

Here’s another beautifully simple centerpiece. Take a couple candles in glass candleholders–the holders should be taller and just a little bit wider than the candles. Surround the candles with corn kernels, and try to shape it so the bed of kernels isn’t flat. Finally, place the candles on a tray with a bed of nuts or acorns.