Ideas for giving your pet a space for rest & play!

Why not give your furry friend their own room? A dedicated doggie bedroom or playroom can be a great way to clear up the rest of the house for bipedal use, and planning one can be a fun exercise in themed decorating that will impress guests–and their pets! 

Not everyone will have a whole extra room to devote to the family pet, but even sectioning off a room for some space for the dog can work with the help of a baby gate, or even a fun indoor white-picket fence motif. Do you have an unused room or empty garage? Are you looking for reasons to finally finish the basement? If so, giving your dog–and maybe you have more than one–a full room is totally possible.

Space for Sleeping

Whether working with a full room or a half, set up a nice sleeping space for your dog. Dogs, like humans, all have their preferences. For example, a dog that’s been crate trained will love a cozy, boxed-in doggie bed. Meanwhile, others might be happiest with a human-sized bed, and if you’re converting a guest room into a dog room, this can be an easy fix.

A Place to Play

Place a box or basket of your dog’s favorite toys that they can access whenever they please. Since you’re devoting a room for your dog’s exclusive use, you can go the extra mile and include some outdoor toys made for toddlers’ use, like a small plastic slide, in the center of the room for them to play with. Small tunnels can be fun for a dog to run through as well! And since you don’t have to worry about breaking any living room knickknacks, have some balls to toss around.

Keep the Supplies in One Place

Your dog room need not be for fun stuff only; it can provide a place for all your dog accessories. Install some hooks for hanging leashes, and a shelf or credenza for cleanup accessories like soap, paper towels and bags for removing waste while on walks.

You may also keep food and water dishes here as well, clearing up space for foot traffic in the kitchen. Include dog food and treats with the supplies kept here, in drawers or cabinets that your pet won’t be able to reach

Puppy Plumbing

It may sound outrageous, but it’s not unheard of for pet owners to install a small shower for their pets when the budget allows. A corner can become a space for cleaning with a small shower walk-in–about maybe half the size of a shower for human use–with a spigot for connecting a hose or hand-held shower head.

If you don’t choose the grandiose route of a dog shower, keeping a tub in the corner big enough for bathing your dog is a simpler way of keeping the bathroom free, and you can keep your dog’s shampoo, brushes and more along with the rest of your dog’s supplies in the room.

Go All Out!

Having a dedicated space for rest and play is great for your dog, but it can be fun for you as well! When planning your dog’s room, look around for some fun dog-themed decorations to add a little flair that the humans in the family can appreciate. This can be wall art, sculptural accents or even decals and murals. And don’t forget to take it to the next level and switch things up when the seasons change!


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