Repurpose old or salvaged doors into new creations.

Maybe you’re replacing the old doors in your home or found out your neighbors wants to throw out the ones they’re about to replace. Or you love shopping salvage and second-hand stores and often wonder what use you can make of those vintage doors loaded with rustic charm. Maybe you’re open to a few of these ideas:

1.            Paint the door and remaining old glass and hang it vertically as garden art on a boring wall.

2.            Need shelves? Add a backing so that the door leans at an angle; then add progressively larger shelves from top to bottom. This works great for any door that had panel inserts. Or cut the door in half lengthwise and connect it with nails or hinges. Add corner shelves spaced however you please, and be sure to have a shelf and some weight at the bottom.

3.            Need a quick room divider? Take two – or three — old doors and add hinges. Paint them, add hooks for planters, leave in some remaining glass or screen, or replace a section with opaque glass. The possibilities are endless!

4.            You know how we love chalk paint. Paint one or more sections of a used door with chalk paint for a fun and functional message board. Lean it up against the wall and secure it, or hang it on the wall with heavy-duty anchors.

5.            Need a rustic address or directional sign? Cut out the top section of an old screen door and hang a house number sign in the missing section. Try using old iron numbers nailed to a coordinating board. You can use chain or heavy-duty barbed wire to secure the sign to the door. Prop it up against the fence or a tree.

6.            Replaced an interior door? Save the old one to place on top of wooden or plastic sawhorses as your mobile, multipurpose workspace. Use it when cutting, painting and sealing. Hollow-core doors are light and easy to move around and lift onto sawhorses.

7.            Maybe you need a more permanent table or desk top. Try to match the door to an existing base or look for plans online for building a base to match your favorite salvaged door. You’ll have to do more prep work to create a smooth finish for working or maybe dining on the tabletop. Or leave the rustic look and have a piece of glass cut to fit the door’s dimensions.

8.            Make a privacy screen for your balcony or backyard. Find a salvaged door with a few panel insets. Measure one or two panels and replace them with commissioned stained glass designs or a creation of your own. Hang the door horizontally from sturdy bolts and chains.

9.            Make a garden gate. Salvaged full or partial doors make terrific gates. Paint and decorate the door and have it be fully functional or create a gate that leads to a special place in the garden – a zen retreat or a private reading nook.

10.          Create a headboard out of an old door turned horizontally or several doors pieced together vertically. Your one-of-a-kind creation can add charm and fun to a room. Match doors to your décor or use them to inspire a theme. Be sure to attach the doors to the wall.

Don’t waste any of the parts! Old doorknobs can make great hooks for jewelry or scarves and cut-out panels might become extra shelving.