Welcome nature into your home with these tips.

It’s a sign of the times that most of us spend far too much time inside. No matter the season, it’s easy to find oneself yearning for the outdoors.

Whether it’s too cold to step out or we’re too busy to enjoy sunnier, warmer weather, bringing nature inside can help to satisfy our desire for some sun and greenery. Here’s a bundle of tips for bringing nature into your home.

1. Natural Elements

Before your next home renovation, consider incorporating natural elements in your home. Rich wood walls, floors and furnishing give a warm and rustic feel to any room, and cool slate flooring or stone hearths add to a wild, natural charm.

2. Accents and Decor

Unable to give entire rooms in your home a makeover? You can create a natural effect in your home with simple accents and tchotchkes. Next time you’re outside, look for artifacts you can bring in–a vase of stones or bowl of pinecones and leaves are a couple ideas. If you live along the coast, collect some shells and even driftwood to keep on display!

3. Plants!

Of course, houseplants are essential in bringing nature indoors. You can keep simple, low maintenance plants like English Ivy or snake plants, or may even pot seasonal flowers and plants from the garden to keep indoors.

Surrounding yourself with greenery not only adds a touch of nature to your decor, but also helps to circulate cleaner air in your home.

4. Taxidermy

Traditionally used as hunting trophies or objects of study, taxidermy is pretty much seen as a quirky genre of sculpture today. A sophisticated head mount or a cute, anthropomorphic shelf display can make for great conversation starters.

Concerned for our animal friends? Don’t worry–there’s plenty of cardboard taxidermy pieces so that you can give your home a modern, guilt-free animal twist.

5. Maximize Natural Light

Open those curtains! Making the most of sunlight can do wonders for a room. Many of us know the discomfort of spending too much time in fluorescent lighting, or the tint and heat brought on by halogen bulbs.

By letting in the sunlight, you can enjoy your room’s natural colors with a clear view of the world outside–and even catch some Vitamin D!

6. Aromatherapy

Soothe the mind with natural fragrances! There are so many options for aromatherapy in the home: flowers, candles, oils and potpourri are all great ways to bring the scents of nature in.

Because there’s a wide variety of scents on the market, you can go with whichever you favor the most or with what’s in season.

7. Artwork Inspired by Nature

Maybe you live in an urban setting without a clear view of the natural world; maybe you’re unable to search for natural artifacts mentioned here earlier. When in doubt, decorate your walls with nature-inspired art!

Whether you opt for landscape photography or more abstract designs resembling patterns and objects found in nature, art can add a natural and sophisticated touch for any palette in the home.

8. Indoor Fountains

We’ve mentioned the smells and views of nature–but what about sounds? An indoor fountain can make for a nice visual with the added bonus of the soothing, trickling sound of water.

You can find beautiful wall fountains as well as smaller ones that fit fine on a table, or stand freely.

9. Glow-in-the-dark stars

Peppering your bed room ceiling with small glow-in-the-dark stars can create the illusion of sleeping under the night sky in the comfort of your own home. This is also a fun decoration for children who love astronomy and the wonder of an open sky!

10. Nature-inspired furniture

Furniture is a huge choice in a home’s decor, and cannot be forgotten when it comes to creating a more natural indoor look. Look for good craftsmanship in natural materials next time you are looking to refurbish a room in your home!