Store your decorations safely and easily.

Holidays are over, which means it’s time to stow away the decorations! If you had trouble unpacking a disorganized mess this year, rest assured that this is your opportunity to ensure an easy unpacking for next year. Here are some tips on how you can safely–and smartly–store away your decorations.

  • 1. Lights

    When putting the lights away, label each strand's length with masking tape. Wrap them securely, using reels for tangle-free storage.
  • 2. Wreaths

    It's essential that you preserve your wreath's shape throughout the year, and don't let it get squished and smashed in any old box. Storage can be as simple as wrapping tight in a heavy duty plastic bag to be hung by a hook.
  • 3. Artificial Trees

    Don't throw your tree back in the box it came in! The cardboard won't last and can damage the tree when brittle. Invest in a Christmas tree bag instead. Some even come with wheels, making it easy to transport your heavy tree from storage to the living room.
  • 4. Christmas Villages

    If you have a model village, pack each building in its box, and pack those in a large tub. At the top of the tub you can pack snow and lights, making it easier next year to get started on setting up the snowbed.
  • 5. Linens

    Got a Christmas table cloth or a tree skirt to stow away? Just put them in a vacuum-storage bag and hang in a closet. These bags let you hold an amazing amount of linens, so you can include anything and everything seasonal, like seasonal blankets and pillows.
  • 6. Gift Wrap

    Wrapping paper can take up a lot of space, even with a good basket or container. If you're tight on space, reach for a hanging gift wrap organizer that lets you hang all the gift wrapping necessities in a closet--taking up little more space than a garment bag.
  • 7. Christmas Ornaments

    Your best bet is to go with a fabric-lined ornament container. If you don't want to buy a container, put small ornaments in an egg carton. Non-fragile ornaments can go in a simple bag.
  • 8. Outdoor Decorations

    Pack away the outdoor decorations in an outdoor Christmas storage bag. This will keep them dry, and you can just throw them in the garage without worry. If any decoration used an extension cord, pack the cord with the appropriate decoration so you can find it fast next year.
  • 9. All the Extras

    Extra ornament hooks, strings, ribbon and more can all be stored in a small pencil case or box. Use one with dividers to keep everything organized. You can even use an old box of chocolates! 
  • 10. Label Everything

    Label bags and boxes, and number them. List the contents of each box/bag on its label. Having a clear idea of what's inside each package will make it easier to reach and unpack decorations in a planned order next year.