Home improvement projects just in time for Santa Claus.

The holiday season is hectic, but that doesn’t mean your attention must go solely to holiday prepping. Believe it or not, there are quite a few home improvement projects you can take up this winter–before Santa arrives! Whether you want to give your kitchen, bathroom or other room a little makeover, all it takes are a couple small projects to re-invent a space. Here are some ideas to inspire!

1. Work on your entryway.

Give your home’s entrance a makeover inside or out. A great way to re-invent your interior entrance is to add storage space, tables and hooks for a quick place to dump whatever you’re carrying in with you from the day. Check out our tips on how you can design a stunning entryway here.

For the porch, invest in a few new pieces of porch furniture, or even tchotskes. Look for urns, a new door, welcome mats and more. Make sure your entryway is inviting to both you and guests!

2. Get organized.

Don’t wait until spring cleaning! Look to the little places like existing drawers and shelves to get organized and put everything in its place. A few bookends and time is all it takes for cleaning up shelves. For drawers, install dividers to encourage better organizational habits. 

3. Add molding & paint to a wall.

A little crown molding will completely refresh a room and make it feel like new. If that seems like too much work, you can achieve a similar effect with a new paint job. But if even that seems like an unruly project, treat your room to just an accent wall.

4. Update faucets and handles in the kitchen.

Get rid of the default equipment! Replace your sink faucet or cabinet handles with something that better fits your own taste. These tiny accents can make all the difference!

5. Replace the windows.

This is a project you really ought to complete before Christmastime. Old, inefficient windows can release warm air or become drafty in the winter–which means your home’s heater can waste a lot of money! Work now on replacing your windows for more efficient models.

6. Put in a ceiling fan. 

This is a simple project that can make a huge difference in a room. Since we’re working on a Christmas deadline, it’s worth noting that ceiling fans can actually warm up a room; by running it in reverse, it will draw heated air up and then push back down–which makes it a great project just before winter sets in. Find out our tips for installing a ceiling fan here!

7. Add dimmers to lights.

Dimmers are amazing: you can pick out the perfect touch of mood lighting at any time, creating dramatic changes in atmosphere throughout the day. Install dimmers in a dining room or any common area!

8. A couple kitchen replacements.

A new backsplash, like a newly-painted wall, can change the overall feel of your kitchen with little effort. If you’re happy with your current one, consider replacing an appliance–refrigerator, oven, even the sink–with something new.

9. Replace the doors.

Upgrade the doors in your home to ones that better fit your taste or overall decor. Look for ones that can also dampen out noise like solid-core doors.

10. Reinvent the bathroom.

A new vinyl floor or a new bathroom appliance are both simple projects that have huge effects on the room. A vinyl floor can simply be rolled out and applied to the room, making this a more viable solution–but a sink can easily be swapped out as well.