When planning a wedding, there are so many plans to make and coordinate and juggle. The last thing on your mind should be photography. So here, to make sure you get all your essentials, is a handy guide of must have wedding photos to get you started. I know it’s our list but don’t worry – bookmark it! Pin it on Pinterest! It’ll just be your “something borrowed.”

  • 1 - The Head-To-Head Nuzzle

    Penguins know what's up. They mate for life and touch foreheads as a sign of being with their true partners. Cute, huh? The touching of foreheads and closed eyes simplifies everything and says, I trust you, my penguin, my soulmate. Now, let's get hitched!
  • 2 - Check Out My Flowers

    Everyone always wants to see what you chose as your bouquet, so why not get up close and personal? If you do a soft focus, where the top is in focus and the back is out of focus, it can look very artistic and chic.
  • 3 - The Stockings-Were-Hung Shot

    In classic poem "The Night Before Christmas," the scene is set for the great event by saying, "the stockings were hung on the chimney with care." You should have shots of your event preparations, too - with a sly little glimpse of you in the background, of course!
  • 4 - Head Of The Table

    Make sure to get a cute shot of the newlyweds at the head of their table! Chances are, they won't be seated there for long - it's a wedding, after all! So make sure when they do have a second, you get a camera snap!
  • 5 - Little Girl, Big Day

    Fathers know it's great to see their little girl going through a big life event. Why not commemorate it by posing like the bride did once in a childhood photo? When paired with a photo of the baby version of her, this could bring a tear to any parents' eye.
  • 6 - The I've-Got-A-Secret Shot

    Your secret is no secret - you're in love, bride-to-be! This wistful smile is one of the most seen, most respected and longed for pictures of the whole collection. It's a sweet shot that mixes pride, happiness, and hope. Enjoy your secret!
  • 7 - The Gang's All Here

    Make sure you get at least one shot of your group of friends being their quirky lovable selves as you get ready or afterwards. A playful shot of you guys horsing around is always important to have in the album!
  • 8 - Party Place Poppin'

    When party's in full swing, get the big picture of it all! And get one of your favorite tiny dancer. Yes! Uncle Tom dancing with baby Jackie? Perfect! When Jackie grows up and has a baby of her own, she'll love sharing this snap with her own little one.
  • 9 - Kissy Face In Nature

    Okay, now, this isn't an "official" official portrait, but I dare you to find someone who doesn't have this in their wedding photos. Brides and grooms love kissing in the great outdoors, y'all! The key is to keep it light, g-rated, and playful. 
  • 10 - The Happily Ever After

    Leave on a high note! However your bride and groom leave the party, that is how you need to take this photo. If it's under streamers or swords or poppers or birdseed, we all love a splashy finale!