An easy and pretty garden pharmacy!

Want a garden that’s pretty and practical? Try growing some healing plants! Harvesting medicinal herbs from the garden lets you save money on common over-the-counter medication, and keeps you prepared for a variety of ailments and afflictions.

Of course, you should check in with a doctor for serious health problems. But when in a pinch, try one of these remedies that you can grow in your back yard.

1. Gotu Kola 

Gotu kola has traditionally been used as an herb to maintain youthfulness. You can use it to keep your skin naturally looking great, as its leaves stimulate proteins that are good for your skin. The plant is also said to help purify blood as well.  

2. Echinacea

A bit of a wonder plant, echinacea stimulates the immune system to protect you from an assortment of infections and illness. Since echinacea helps to relieve allergies, it’s good to have handy in the spring–and it’s happy to grow just about anywhere there’s sunlight.

3. Marsh Mallow

Marshmallows, the confection, is hardly something to eat for your health. But the roots of the plant the candy was once derived from indeed have medicinal properties. Consuming the root can treat irritations in urinary or respiratory mucus membranes; by applying externally, you can treat bruises, sprains and insect bites–a must-needed cure if you have kids playing outside in the summer!

4. Sage

This one’s an open secret: sage has significant calming and soothing properties, and deserves a spot in your garden if you find yourself fighting anxiety, depression or even excessive perspiration. It’s rumored to ward off bad mojo too, if you’re into dispelling more metaphysical afflictions.

5. Sea Buckthorn

We don’t like sea buckthorn just for its medicinal properties–it’s quite cute, with bunches of bright, orange berries. Sea buckthorn is great for treating common ailments such as eczema, canker sores, colds, fever and more. Just make a fresh juice from the berries, and ingest!

6. Chinese Yam

Another plant that’s easy to grow in sunny spots, Chinese yam is great for those with digestive problems. You can eat the yam raw for treating poor digestion or chronic diarrhea. Chinese yam can also treat dry coughs and fatigue.

7. Pot Marigold

Another skin remedy, orange pot marigold treats bites and stings, and can be applied to wounds as well. It’s happiest in moist soil.

8. Ginseng

We often think of ginseng as just a stimulating ingredient in tea or natural energy drinks, but there’s more to ginseng than keeping you alert throughout the day: it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and encourages secretion of hormones.

9. Globe Artichoke

Globe artichoke is a stunning plant, with a beautiful burst of violet flowers. But to take advantage of its healing properties, you’ll want to ingest the cardoon leaves before flowering. The leaves can help with early stages of late-onset diabetes, treat liver and gall bladder diseases and overall improve liver and gall bladder functions.

10. Milk Thistle

Finally, milk thistle. If you’re a heavy drinker (drink responsibly!), you will learn to praise the heavens for this hangover cure. Not only will it treat a hangover’s effects, but also improve liver functions as well.