Make your own personalized gifts and stocking stuffers for friends, family and co-workers by using found or inexpensive containers such as mason jars, vintage or found boxes and bottles. It’s so easy! All you need is some creativity and a little time.


  • Edibles like homemade granola or jelly are easy gifts when you jazz up the jar. The Frugal Girls have a few unique ideas for food and other gifts, all dressed in holiday spirit, like Andes Mint dark chocolate cookie mix.  [Photo courtesy of The Frugal Girls]
  • You don’t have to give food just because you’re using a mason jar! And you don’t have to decorate your jar for the holidays. Check out this idea for a personal jar of pampering. [Image Courtesy of Classy Clutter]
  • And who says you have to use mason jars? How about a bottle infused with herbs and spices for a DIY cooking oil? It’s even better filled with your home-grown herbs! Check out the tutorial from [Photo courtesy of]
  • Save money and make a more manly gift with a trip to the local thrift store. You can package cookies (inside plastic wrap) in old wooden or cigar boxes or make a gift from an old box. Here’s a tutorial with ideas courtesy of Goodwill.
  • Or make a vintage tray to hold silverware, barbecue tools or condiments, baby items in a nursery, office supplies, or the mason jars you’re filling with …whatever you like! Old metal or wooden trays are loaded with possibilities and easy to clean up. [Photo courtesy of Creative Carmella]
  • Just about everybody loves candles, and candles go great with bottles, which anyone who remembers the pre-Pinterest melted candle on the wine bottle remembers. Glaze or decorate a mason jar, bottle or vase large enough for a tea light. Courtesy of Recaptured Charm.
  • Or make these gorgeous beeswax poinsettia candles, wrapping the jar in your favorite holiday ribbon, burlap, or with a printable label. [Image courtesy of Garden Therapy]
  • Make a soap or lotion dispenser. Either decorate the jar to match the recipient’s kitchen or bath, or buy an elegant looking blue Ball jar. [Photo courtesy of Redhead Can Decorate]
  • Got a baby? Then you have baby food jars. Make a luminary advent calendar. If you don’t have 25 jars on hand to count down to the holiday, make a set that say, “Peace, Love, and Joy” or any message. Courtesy of Design Dining Diapers.
  • All you need is imagination and to know your audience. Kids love reindeer, and these “root deer” creations by Brimful Curiosities are a perfect example of what you can do with a few craft supplies, bottles and holiday inspiration. [Image courtesy of Brimful Curiosities]
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