Brighten up the porch with a seasonal potted garden!

This fall, try something different by setting up a container garden. A collection of attractive potted plants is not only versatile–you can carry them to sun or shade, or bring them in during a frost–but also carries a distinctive charm. 

Whether enticing trick-or-treaters, welcoming Thanksgiving guests or just trying to create a nice seasonal display, a container garden on the porch, stoop or along a walkway is a great way to get in touch with the season. We’ve selected some great plants that will thrive in the fall–pick a few that inspire you, and get potting!

1. Oxalis

Oxalis is truly elegant, and has a beautiful, delicate look that matches the season well. You can find both colorful oxalis flowers as well as ones that are close to black–so whether you want to focus on fun or the spookier shades of fall, oxalis has you covered.

2. Mums

This is a fairly obvious one, but mums do quite well in the fall and can set a stoop ablaze with color. Want to get a little more creative? Hollow out a pumpkin to use as a container for this bright, joyful flower.

3. Verbena

This hardy, colorful annual looks great in a window box or–for a truly rustic, autumnal look–filling a basket. They’ll still bloom even after a frost, so no worries when the late season dips into chilly weather.

4. Decorative Cabbage

Here is a great container plant that is so simple yet very bold: decorative cabbage! Cabbage will invoke the image of a bountiful harvest, and its subtle purple undertones will intensify as the season gets colder–a gift that keeps on giving!

5. Coral Bells 

One word: stunning! You can find coral bells in all sorts of colors and textures, making it a versatile plant for making a striking impression on the porch or steps. Mix some pink, purple and orange! It’s an easy plant to keep alive and well, too.

6. Fountain Grass

Add some shapely contrast with tall fountain grass. Note that it won’t last in winter, but the grass should grow relatively quickly. Use purple fountain grass for a look that will appear dramatic in the autumn dusk.

7. Sundowner

Sundowner presents a burst of color, with bronze and rosy leaves that go well with fiery fall foliage. As the plant ages, the leaves will become a rich, creamy color.

8. Sedum

If you’ve got a sunny spot for them, sedum look great in a container, making it a popular container garden pick for the fall. Sedum will bloom in late summer to early fall, though the flowers will continue to look devastatingly beautiful dried out in the winter.

9. Echeveria Nodulosa

This chilling plant is a harbinger of winter with its icy blue leaves. It’s useful for creating a striking contrast with surrounding foliage, cooling the overall look.

10. Pansies

The simplest way to add color to a container garden is to plant some pansies. Aim for a golden splendor with sunny, cadmium-colored pansies and violas.