Prepare for the biggest dinner of the year with these decorative crafts!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so we hope you’ve got your plans made! If you’re hosting the festivities at your home, you might be in need of some decorations to set the mood and atmosphere. But don’t waste the money by shopping for pricey tschotskes–make your own! We have ideas for decorative crafts that children and adults can both enjoy. Check them out! 

1. Wheat Horseshoe Wreath

A horseshoe-shaped wreath of wheat looks elegant in its simplicity–and stands out against more common wreaths hung in the season. Find out how to make your own here.

2. Wrapped Votives

Wrap autumnal-scented candles (might we suggest pumpkin spice or apple pie?) in tamale-making husks! First, put the candle in a votive glass. Soak the husk in warm water, then wrap around the votive Use a rubber band to keep the husk in place–make sure it’s tight!–then trim off excess husk at the top and bottom of the votive. You can take twine (or twist a length of husk into a thread) and wrap it around the votive in a bow. Remove the rubber band and you’re golden!

3. Placemats

Make snazzy placemats before Thanksgiving with some kraft paper. You’ll just need a decorative edge punch for a lacy border. If you have kids, consider allowing them to draw Thanksgiving-related or other designs! You can use more paper to collage shapes into fun designs and apt images as well.

4. Rustic Framed Fern

Fall is all about leaves, so take advantage of the foliage when preparing for Thanksgiving with this crafty decoration! Simply press a dry fern leaf between layers of newspaper in a thick, heavy book. Depending on the size of the book, you might want to add a few more books on top. Take pages (or photocopies of pages) of an old book and glue them to the backing of a picture frame. Decoupage your pressed fern onto the backing and place in the frame. Have your kids scout out great leaves!

5. Warm Welcome

Invite Thanksgiving guests with a warm, autumnal welcome! Next time you go thrifting, scout out a nice, old serving tray. Coat the bottom with chalkboard paint and write an inviting message. Add some autumnal garnishes (leaves, berries, acorns and the like) to complete the look. Hold on to your tray after Thanksgiving and switch out the garnish for something to go with the winter holidays!

6. Table Garland

Make a rustic garland for the Thanksgiving table with pinecones, rope and ribbon. You can use heavy-gauge gold wire for affixing the pinecones to the rope, placing the bows atop each pinecone to hide the wire. Hold onto the garland for the winter holidays–all you’ll need to do is switch out the current bows for more festive ones!

7. Ladle Flowers

A ladle with a deep bowl can be a great rustic, improvised container for flowers! Add wet floral foam to the inside of the ladle bowl, and add twine to the end of the ladle for hanging.

Cut flowers at the stem just beneath the blooms, then stick the stems into the floral foam. Voila!

8. Decoupage Coasters

If you love decoupage and want more of it, we’ve got the craft for you: DIY fall coasters! Take yellow or light orange tissue paper and tear it into little pieces, than decoupage the pieces onto ceramic tiles. After the glue has dried a bit, add borders and accents such as leaves or acorns (you can use stickers from the craft store for those.) Now coat with acrylic glaze. Don’t forget to add felt to the underside so your coasters don’t scratch surfaces!

9. Gilded Everything

Artificial fruits, vegetables and stones from the garden can become instant, beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces with a couple coats of foil leaf. Who needs a cornucopia when you can keep a bountiful gilded harvest–that you can reuse next year!

10. Paper Leaves Centerpiece

Old, dead branches can breathe new life with this cute craft. First, take a walk around the yard or neighborhood for bare branches with the kids. Next, take some paper scraps–a simple task if you’ve begun wrapping for the holidays–and fold them in half, cutting out leafy shapes.  Hot glue your leaves onto the branches, and add artificial berries for an added touch! Place your paper branches in a nice container to show off for Thanksgiving!