Not just for canning.

We’ve told you how to store salads and many other meals in mason jars, but would you know that the modest mason jar is capable for more than just food and preserve storage? From decor, glassware and lighting and much more, inexpensive mason jars can be used for all sorts of uses in the home. Check out these great DIY projects for repurposing mason jars!


  • 1. Toy animal jars.

    You can turn your average mason jars into funky, kitsch containers! All you need are some toy animals, jars, glue, primer and paint. Find out about more toy projects here! [Photo: Things I Should Do]
  • 2. Mason jar candles.

    These make great party favors and gifts, and are simple to make! You can make a candle of any color you like, with your favorite perfume for a scent. [Photo: Something Turquoise]
  • 3. Sewing kit.

    This mason-jar-turned-sewing kit is both adorable and useful! You can hold your sewing supplies in the jar, while using the top as a pin cushion. [Photo: It All Started With Paint]
  • 4. Storage caddies.

    A pallet and some mason jars are all you need to construct a rustic, unique set of storage caddies! This project is great for the bathroom wall or inside of a closet door. [Photo: Skinny Meg]
  • 5. String lights.

    Decorate your garden with mason jar string lights! Tea candles will shimmer beautifully from inside the jar, and citronella will keep the bugs away! [Photo: Simply Bold]
  • 6. Vintage photo holder.

    Place your photos in a mason jar filled with vegetable oil for a vintage, sepia look. The shape of the jar will have an interesting effect on the look of your photo! [Photo: August & After]
  • 7. Terrarium in a jar.

    Terrariums make for fun and educational projects for kids! You can teach your child about ecosystems and plant life while helping them build their own moss terrarium in an attractive mason jar--a great decoration! You can find more on terrariums here. [Photo: Parent Pretty]
  • 8. Natural air freshener.

    With some fruits and herbs, you can fill your home with an all-natural aroma. But throw them all in a mason jar, and you've got a decorative air freshener! [Photo: Thistlewood Farms]
  • 9. Hanging lights.

    We absolutely love this upcycled mason jar light project. You'll only need jars, a hanging lamp kit and a ceiling light plate to make your own. Use tinted jars for a colorful look! [Photo: Design Sponge]
  • 10. Redneck wine glasses.

    What is a redneck wine glass? It's a stunning glass made from a mason jar and glass candle stick! Contrary to the humble name, these glasses are fun and classy--and surprisingly easy to make! [Photo: Modern Day Moms]