Caramel and candy apples always are a hit. Make yours unique, fun and delicious with a few twists on the traditional theme! Start with an apple, usually a Granny Smith for tartness, and a stick. Round, wooden ones work best for sturdiness.

  • 1. A candy apple of a different color. Who says they have to be red? Check out these bright apples with drizzled colors to boot from Rose Bakes. They’re great for spooky or themed parties. [Image courtesy of Rose Bakes]
  • 2. Black’s a color, and a spooky one at that. Sweet as a Cookie shows you how to make a dark apple. Just be ready for spooky black teeth when you’re done eating this yummy Halloween treat. [Image courtesy of Sweet as a Cookie]
  • 3. Dress it up. Kids love sprinkles, adults love nuts. Use candy-coated sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, dried fruit, sea salt, mini chocolate or peanut butter chips, crushed pretzels, cookies or candy bars. When the coating is warm, it will stick to anything!
  • 4. Or spook it up like 1FineCookie! Some white chocolate and melted red candy will make any aspiring vampire’s mouth water. [Image courtesy of 1FineCookie]
  • 5. Make them mini for me. And make many of them! At Home in Love's mini-caramel apples are easier to bite into for kids missing teeth and adults who want to keep theirs for as long as possible! [Image courtesy of At Home in Love]
  • 6. Make it a float, a trifle, or a cupcake-you get the idea. The flavor of a caramel or candy apple just works. Take a tip from Neighbor Food-make it into a hot, cold drink or a baked good. You don’t need an excuse! [Image courtesy of
  • 7.
    Very Culinary shows you how to turn the caramel apple inside out. Cut down on stickiness by coring and slicing your apples and putting caramel and nuts inside. [Image courtesy of Very Culinary]
  • 8. Go gourmet. If you want to make these the best caramel apples ever, use a slow cooker to melt the caramel. See how with The Yummy Life. You’ll have more time for coating the apples and can up the ante on choices & quantity. [Image courtesy of
  • 9. Nothing says quality caramel like sea salt says
    From Away. Add dark chocolate and an apple, and enjoy these treats any time of year for any occasion. [Image courtesy of From Away]
  • 10. Who says you have to run to the hobby store for sticks? Take a tip from My Recipes and get creative! Use a clean twig or cinnamon stick. Paint the twig black for a spookier look.  [Image Courtesy of My Recipes]