Show Your Personality in Your Home Office

When designing or remodeling a home office, don’t think you have to sacrifice design for function.
Most home office workers spend…
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10 Fun Water Games That Make a Splash!

Make a water park in your own backyard
When the weather’s nice, it’s a crime to keep indoors. But no one…
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Vitamins In Your Food

There are a wealth of vitamins always at the store and it can be hard to figure out what you…
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Design a Stunning Entryway

Set the stage with a beautiful foyer.
As the point of entry, your home’s foyer is the first room guests will…
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Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Use these tips for making fresh-cut flowers last in your vases to save money and enjoy your arrangements longer.
A simple…
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How to Wash Your Washing Machine

Wash that washer!
Appliances that clean stuff for us are a godsend–but it’s easy to forget that they, too, will need…
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Color Palette – Vintage Vineyard

Bursting with vintage flavor!
This week’s color palette has a particularly vintage feel to it, featuring wood textures, lots of corners…
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How to Group Artwork on a Wall

Got a great collection of artwork or a large living room wall that needs artistic relief? Try these tips for…
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Football Party Fun

It’s always fun to pull for your favorite team at a football viewing or Superbowl party.
Ratchet up the fun with…
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Microwave Dishes For Your College Kid

So you just dropped your son off to college, and you’re a little nervous – the biggest thing he knew…
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