Wedding Decor – the getaway car!

Safely decorate the bride and groom’s get away car that will be used after the wedding.
Decorating the get away car…
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Why You Need Lemons in your Fridge

Lemons are small, bright and versatile fruits that you can use for cooking and cleaning.
Lemons remind you of summer days,…
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Leftover Pizza Ideas

What to do with pizza leftovers the next day.
It’s unanimously agreed that pizza is among the top tier of meals….
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Going Solar – Hire or DIY?

A home solar system might be better installed by a professional than doing it yourself.
Installing a solar panel system is…
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Color Palette – Citrus Bungalow

This week is all about contrasts in color and style.

This look is focused on being bright, exotic and playful. We’ve…
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Tips for Packing Before Your Vacation

Maximize space and don’t forget a thing!
The family vacation can certainly be a satisfying, relaxing way to kick back and…
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Tips for Making Food Last Longer in the Fridge

Keep food from turning—or turning weird colors—with these tips for keeping food fresh in your fridge.
Groceries aren’t cheap, and the…
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Backyard Camping Ideas

Look no further than the yard for a great camping experience!
Camping is not only a great way to get in…
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The Five Most Important Herbs to Grow for the Home Cook

Five Common Herbs to Grow and Enjoy
The five most important herbs to grow for the home cook are the ones…
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Outdoor Storage Solutions

Easy ways to hide garden tools or what have you.
You want your garden to be a beautiful place to rest…
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