Plant a Garden in an Egg Shell

Plant a garden in an eggshell using grass seed and make it into an egghead charactor the kids will love. […]
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    Unique Ideas for Easter Egg Decorating : Rubber Bands to Crepe Paper

Unique Ideas for Easter Egg Decorating : Rubber Bands to Crepe Paper

Put some pizazz in your Easter basket this year and decorate Unique Easter Eggs with fun and unexpected items around […]

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Dyeing eggs is traditional at Easter time and what better way than to to dye Easter eggs naturally.  There is […]

Finding Furniture on the Street

Furnish your home for free! As a college student, I was eager to move out of the dorms–but once a […]

Flower Arranging by Threes

Arranging your own flowers can be simple and fun As spring flowers emerge, we all get the itch to cut […]

Building a Compost Bin for Next to Nothing

Composting is a great way to recycle kitchen and yard scraps, turning them into a rich soil conditioner and fertilizer […]

Eric gets a new front door

Eric Stromer gets a brand new front door for his home. Watch the video and see what’s involved in the […]

DIY Spring Centerpiece with Easter Candy

How to Make Cindy’s Easy Spring “Peeps” Centerpiece If you don’t have a square glass vase yet, please do get […]

10 Ways to Bring Nature Indoors

Welcome nature into your home with these tips. It’s a sign of the times that most of us spend far […]

Decorate with Instagram

Let your photos come to life as decorative accents for the home. Instagram is one of the most popular social […]