5 – Little Girl, Big Day

Fathers know that it’s a momentous occasion to see their little girl going through a big life event. Why not…
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4 – Head Of The Table

Make sure to get a cute shot of the newlyweds at the head of their table! Chances are, they won’t…
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3 – The “Stockings Were Hung” Shot

In Emmett Moore’s classic poem “Twas Night Before Christmas,” a great event is about to take place, and the scene…
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2 – Check Out My Flowers

Close ups are a sure fire wedding photo album hit. Everyone always wants to see what you chose as your…
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1 – The Head-To-Head Nuzzle

Penguins know what’s up. They mate for life with one of a kind partners – and they also touch foreheads…
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Amazing Home Hidden Passages

You won’t believe these clever, hidden passages!
It’s not just a thing for mysterious manors or old mystery and horror movies!…
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Throwing The Ultimate Surprise Party

Yearning to throw your loved one the best surprise party ever?
Here are some tips to make your surprise party a…
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DIY Wedding Tips: Little People Presents

What do you give ring bearers and flower girls for thank you presents? A gift guide for DIY lovers!
What do…
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Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Waste

Like a phoenix, they rise again!
Why buy fruits and vegetables that you can grow yourself? Growing new produce from kitchen…
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Weekly Color Palette: Low Tide

Soak up the sun in this week’s color palette with this salt water design!
This week’s color palette brings us to…
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Useful Household Tips & Tricks

10 Home Office Upgrades

These ten organizing and decorating tips and tricks can help make you more productive when working from home. Here are…
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10 Fast-Growing Shade Trees

As summer approaches, it’s time to think about planting and keeping your house cool. You can save on energy and…
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10 Ways to Organize Kitchen Utensils

The more kitchen utensils you have, the better, right? That is, until you have to store them and find them…
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10 Ways to Upgrade Instant Hot Chocolate

Simple ways to make the simplest winter drink even better.
Hot chocolate: a staple for warming oneself in the harsh winter…
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