Creepy Cool Front Porch Decor

Spook out the whole neighborhood with these scary decorations!
Halloween is coming fast, but you still might be scrambling for ideas…
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How To Pick The Perfect Shower Door

It’s that time of year when company is coming – the holidays are rolling in one after the next and…
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Halloween Party Ideas – For the Grown ups

Adults like to dress up for Halloween, too. Have some ghoulish but grown-up fun with these great Halloween party ideas.
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Color Palette – Bright ‘n’ Bold

Let the sunlight in with this bright palette.
This palette is all about being flashy, bold and bright with color–specifically orange,…
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Lazy Lasagna – Cooking with Cindy

It’s not just the ingredients that make a dish healthy – it’s the cookware, too!

All of us are always on…
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Creative Movie Inspired Costumes

Go big screen for Halloween in 2014. Get creative with your favorite new movie characters.
Neighbor Teddy

If you’re having the neighbors…
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Freezer Do’s and Don’ts

Freezing is essential for making sure nothing goes to waste. Whether you want to wait before eating leftovers, or find…
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Putting the Garden to Bed for the Winter

Put your garden to bed & protect plants from cold!
Now that it’s getting colder, you might be wondering what to…
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Make Your Own Mini-Bistro

If you love European bistros, the drinks and warm elegance, create your own inviting area to enjoy morning coffee or…
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Fall Home and Lawn Projects

Before you cozy up in front of the fire, complete a few simple fall projects to keep your home and…
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